AppQuantum Introduces Core is the King! Program for Hyper- and Hybrid-Casual Mobile Game Developers

AppQuantum Introduces Core is the King! Program for Hyper- and Hybrid-Casual Mobile Game Developers

Teams in hyper-casual game development now face a decision: either deepen product expertise by creating more intricate games that retain players longer or pivot to other markets or platforms.

That’s why we are excited to announce AppQuantum’s Core is the King! initiative created for teams opting for the first approach. It’s a program designed to assist studios in their venture into the hybrid-casual niche, including aiding in the transition of a game from the hyper-casual category.

AppQuantum will help to transform your project's promising short-term retention into long-term success. We aim to enhance players’ LTV by providing development guidance, complimentary testing, and expert creative management.

Our strategy includes boosting your game’s user acquisition potential, integrating casual genre features, and reaching an audience that's more engaged than typical hyper-casual players. Importantly, the program prioritizes focus on developing and evolving one good project instead of an infinite cycle of creating tons of different prototypes.

You’re the ideal fit for our program if your team:

  • Has hands-on experience in the hyper-casual or hybrid-casual sectors. If you have experience in both genres – that's even better!
  • Has a track record of released projects
  • Holds projects with promising CPI and Retention Rate metrics
  • Equipped to handle the full production cycle of the game development
  • Proficient in low-poly art style
  • Has a passion for creating a game-changer

For the most promising studios with projects demonstrating the best metrics and potential, we're prepared to offer substantial financial support, which includes:

  • Up to $250,000 Minimum guarantee for signing the contract
  • Up to $250,000 Payment for the fulfillment of jointly agreed KPI
  • Up to $500,000 Investment in the next project

We're keen to harness our industry insights to elevate your game’s performance. By pairing your talent in creating captivating gameplay and cost-effective art with our expertise in live ops, monetization strategies, and user acquisition, we believe there's no limit to our shared success.

We look forward to your submissions! Click here to apply for AppQuantum’s Core is the King program!

UPD: Thank you very much for all your submissions! For now, we have decided to pause the reception of new games in order to manage the numerous applications we have already received :)